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Ojos del barroco

Ojos Del Barroco was born from the hand of Juan Antonio Ramírez, after years of life passionately dedicated to the world of antiques and modern art, visiting galleries, antique dealers and auction rooms throughout Europe, specializing in furniture and objects of decoration of the century XVIII and ART-DECO, among other styles, as well as in recent years, joining the fascinating world of modern art, creates the modern art space "OJOS DEL BARROCO" in Malaga in 2016.

Originating an eclectic and elegant cocktail where the antiques and the contemporary art are the protagonists, deriving in projects of decoration of high level, being this fusion very appreciated by the new generations of collectors and lovers of this exciting world of the art, where the main thing is look at the search for beauty, wherever it exists.

We welcome you to this new project "Ojos del barroco", where antiques of all periods and styles are combined, as well as contemporary works characterized by the artistic quality of their authors and the variety Galería Arte Málaga (abstract, kinetic, pop art , figurative, OP-ART, conceptual art).

An approach and a different alternative to the way of contemplating the design and the feelings that each of its elements arouses in the unconscious of the human being with the simplicity of a sensation that generates an emotion.

A prominent role in the original works of the most important artists of the Andalusian and international scene. WE WAIT FOR YOU ... And, above all, it will be a pleasure to welcome you and create that passion for this art world, thanks for being and feeling the Art. PERMANENT EXHIBITION OF ANTIQUES AND ART OF MODERN ART (PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT)